The 10 Questions Fans Wants Answered About Naruto

The world-building of Naruto is excellent. The whole chakra system, Dojutsu like Sharingan and Byakugan, tailed beasts and a well thought out plot. The merits were explained early in the show. The heroes and the villains had defined boundaries and it was fun seeing them win in creative ways.

Even now in Boruto, there is a lot to be explored. But in this massive story, there are bound to be some inconsistencies. Since the authors are humans as well, they can miss things, too. With all the things happening with Naruto, some stuff does not make sense and needs an explanation.

10.Naruto’s Lifeforce Is The Same

Naruto chakra mode and Kakashi vs Deidara

In the beginning, Naruto had no control over Kurama’s chakra. The seal on his belly was made to leak chakra as he would get older. This way he would be able to learn to control it gradually. But things went south. Whenever Naruto would get emotional or pushed into a corner, he would lose control over himself and go on a rampage.

Jiraiya mentioned that Naruto’s life force reduces every time he taps into that form. But the side effects on his health were never shown. Unlike Sasuke, who gradually becomes blind after using his Mangekyou Sharingan too much. It was just fluff.

9.Naruto’s True Power

Most of Naruto’s power comes from Kurama. He uses his own chakra in the beginning but asks for Kurama’s help whenever things get serious. Throughout the series, Naruto received a huge power boost. But the one that stands out is the Sage mode- which gathers chakra from nature.

Naruto used the Sage mode efficiently in his fight with Sasuke. Kurama’s chakra and Sage mode were able to push back an attack from the combined chakra of all tailed beast. What if Naruto uses the chakra of all the tailed beasts and then combine it with Sage mode? This bit is never explored but he would get on the level of Kaguya or even higher.

8.Are All The Tailed Beasts Under His Control?

Naruto fist bumping all the tailed beasts.

Each village has one tailed-beast under its control. This was done by Hashirama, to maintain the balance of power, so peace can last. However, the Akatsuki disrupted the peace and started capturing tailed beasts. Until all the tailed beast came under their control and Ten tails got revived.

At that point, when all the tailed beast were pulled out of Ten tails. Naruto borrowed the chakra of all of them and became their Jinchuriki. He can use their chakra. Does it mean that Naruto alone has the power to control all of them?

7.Who Took Care Of Him As A Child?

The world of shinobi has a weird administration system. There is no child protection because children themselves are badass. Every child is trained to fight from a young age. They are pitted against each other in tournaments. Still, a newborn can’t feed himself.

Naruto’s parents died right after his birth. At the moment Naruto starts, he was already living alone in an apartment. Who was his guardian before that? It can’t be the third Hokage or Iruka sensei. There is a third person in his life that fans don’t know about.

6.Will He Die If Kurama Is Taken Out Of Him?

Naruto in front of Kurama

When Kurama was taken out of Kushina, she did not die at the spot, as is the case with most people. Obito also survived the extraction of Ten tails. And when Kurama was taken out of Naruto, his heart stopped and Sakura had to pump his heart with her hands after cutting his chest open.

Naruto is an Uzumaki, so he should be able to survive Kurama’s extraction. He also has the chakra of all the tailed beast. Maybe that could save him. Fans are in doubt about this.

5.Why Did He Never Get Serious With Sasuke?

Naruto Sasuke Fight

Fans love the soft and uplifting personality of Naruto. Every opponent he fights ends up getting inspired by his character and decides to reform. But, he needs to draw a line somewhere. Pure evil villains can and will take advantage of his gullible nature.

Sasuke has to be the one who exploited it the most. Even when he committed grave crimes, Naruto seemed to be holding back. He should’ve learned that lesson early on- living in a gruesome world. If he had put down Sasuke earlier, so much damage would’ve been prevented. He is just as guilty as Sasuke.

4.How Is He Able To Talk Everyone Out Of It?

Naruto ends most of his fights with a 10 min speech on how the villain is wrong and there is still a chance of redemption. Fans are going to pick up on it. They have named it the “Talk No Jutsu” They get it that he’s a good guy and sees the good in others.

But it does not have to be forced down the throat of viewers. Naruto needs to learn a thing or two from Sasuke. Sometimes it pays off being selfish and doing the wrong thing.

3.What Keeps Him So Busy As A Hokage?

Hokage Naruto busy in his office.

Naruto’s lifelong dream was becoming the Hokage. From the start of the series, he rambled on and on to every person he met that he’s going to become the Hokage. It became his tag. And the series ended, just as the fans had expected, with Naruto becoming the Hokage. It was an emotional moment for hardcore fans who grew up watching him.

After settling down with Hinata, Naruto has become so busy that he can’t be present for his family on important occasions like Himawari’s birthday. While others are living happily, Naruto is the only one exhausting himself in the office.

2.How Has He Ensured That Peace Is Everlasting After His Death?

Boruto and Naruto fist bumping

Before Naruto and Sasuke fought, Sasuke explained his plans of becoming the symbol of hatred( like Lelouch). So humanity can unite against a single foe and put aside their difference. Naruto’s ideology is to believe in the next generation and the “Will of Fire”

And fans know how Hashirama’s dream of “Will of Fire” ended. There needs to be something else to keep holding it all together. The world will be plunged into chaos soon after his death.

1.Is He Going To Learn Any New Jutsu?

Naruto Shippuden was a Naruto show. He was the protagonist and all the character development and plot lines were focused on him. Now Boruto is carrying on his legacy with him being the Hokage. Naruto sits around in his office all day long. He has become the complete opposite of what he used to be.

Surely, there are things like genjutsu that Naruto is not skilled in. He should be training to become an expert in them as well. Or his days are over and he’s going live as he is.

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